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Green Crowd EIIS 2021 Webinar  : crowdfunding platform Green Crowd allows private individuals to invest directly in sustainable projects and businesses.

The first of several webinars conducting an informal session on questions about EIIS 2021 Investment Opportunities – Webinar with Green Crowd was held on 30 November at 1pm.

Are you interested in investing in our EIIS investment opportunities in Solar PV, Bioenergy and Sustainable Construction? you can play back the webinar via this YouTube link by clicking here.

Green Crowd is ambitious in its targets and expect to provide a mixture of debt and/or equity finance along with rich sector expertise to assist entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. Sectors in which they have particularly strong experience and investment appetite include energy and manufacturing.

Green Crowd are actively seeking to support and fund resourceful and experienced management teams and developers in a variety of energy sectors, including energy storage, reserve power, energy from waste as well as solar and wind projects. The renewable energy projects provide asset backing for investments. The trading businesses are selected for their strength to achieve the investor return. Together they provide a complementary investment proposition.

Get in touch today for more information or email our offices in Carlow at or call 01 912 0345.