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At Green Crowd, our mission is to support and drive forward green and renewable initiatives by offering green, ethical, and socially beneficial investment opportunities that contribute to the growth of a sustainable economy.

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Green Crowd Frequently Asked Questions

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding finances people, projects or businesses by raising contributions from a large number of people, usually via the internet on a ‘platform’. In return, you receive shares in a company or earn interest.

The sector is often associated with early-stage equity investments in start-ups, but in fact some 97% of the money raised in mature markets like UK has been debt-based. Much of the market is now lending to more mature businesses with established revenue streams.

What due diligence is performed by Green Crowd?

We place high importance on making sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. While we believe that we carry out due diligence to an appropriate level, we use certain assumptions and request certain assurances from the Project Owner, including that all documents and historical details provided to us by the borrower are accurate and genuine and that no material information has been withheld from us.

Due diligence can include reviewing any contracts, warranties or insurance policies that are in place, checking the Project Owner has any relevant permissions or licenses required and reviewing third-party valuations of the underlying assets.

What is the cost of investing?

All investments in crowdfunding campaigns are free of charge for investors for the duration of the investment.

Can Green Crowd provide me with financial advice?

Green Crowd is not authorised to provide financial advice and does not do so. It is therefore your responsibility to do your research on whether or not you should invest in any of the campaigns. Green Crowd recommends that you seek independent financial advice prior to making any investments.

What are the risks of investing?

When you make an investment via the Green Crowd platform, your capital is at risk. If something goes wrong or the project or company fails during the life of the investment, it may not be able to pay your returns and you may not get back all or any of your investment.

The sorts of things that could result in a project of company getting into trouble may include (but is not limited to):

  • Lower than expected revenues
  • Higher than expected costs
  • Extended operational failure not covered by normal maintenance warranties and contracts
  • An extended period of deflation
  • Delays or missed deadlines in a projects timeline

Ther are also specific risks that relate to each individual project. Please ensure that you read the Key Investment Information Sheet, the Information Memorandum and our Risk Warning to ensure that you fully understand the investment and the risks involved in investing.

What is EIIS?

The Employment & Investment Incentive Scheme is a Revenue scheme that allows investors to avail of up to 50% tax relief on their investment. The amount of tax relief is dependent on certain conditions being met by the qualifying company.

How can I raise funds through Green Crowd?

Green Crowd focuses on supporting enterprises committed to environmentally sustainable initiatives. These initiatives encompass a broad spectrum, ranging from renewable energy projects to sustainable businesses, as well as applications dedicated to providing green or ethical solutions to prevalent challenges.