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We love to help entrepreneurs realise the growth aspirations they have for their business and have funds available. Green Crowd invests in seed to series A companies, with the possibility of follow-on investments.

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If you are a business seeking investment, we can offer you the opportunity to secure start up and development investment directly from a wide range of investors.

If you are eligible to raise funds under the Employment and Investment Incentive Scheme (EIIS), we will conduct and manage the EIIS Private Placement on your behalf. We provide a full, turnkey solution, from preparing the Information Memorandum, raising the capital, issuing Share Certificates and Statement of Qualifications and the implementation of appropriate exit mechanisms.

We work directly with companies seeking to raise capital by way of a Private Placement and therefore the process is uniquely designed to meet each company’s specific requirements.

Green Crowd also provides equity crowdfunding services along with rich sector expertise to assist entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. We have experience in the energy, hotel & leisure, nursing homes, manufacturing and distribution sectors.

We have particularly strong experience and investment appetite in the energy sector and we’re actively seeking to support resourceful and experienced management teams and developers in a variety of energy sectors including biomass, energy storage, reserve power, energy from waste and the acquisition of operational solar and wind assets.

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We Typically Look For


Energy infrastructure or energy asset opportunities


Experienced management teams


Proven technology


A pipeline of ‘shovel-ready’ projects

If you are interested in finding out how we can help you propel your business, please contact us.
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Green Bonds

Green Crowd Bonds allow you to lend money to businesses by investing in a bond (a simple debt instrument). In return, you can earn interest on the amount you lend – typically 4% – 7% p.a.

Bonds are technically transferable, but there is no established secondary market so you should assume that you need to hold your Green Crowd Bonds for the full term.

The borrowers tend to be relatively mature businesses. As they are more established than start-ups they typically have lower risk profiles, which means they can attract cheaper funding to replace more expensive finance taken earlier in the business lifecycle. Funds raised through our bonds are usually used to refinance some of that more expensive funding.

Green Crowd Bonds are often secured against a business’ tangible assets (such as wind farms, solar portfolios and nursing care homes) to help reduce the risk for investors.

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Green Crowd Bond No. 1

Green Crowd Limited (“The Investment Holding Company” or “Green Crowd’’) will finance a portfolio of projects and companies located in Ireland. Green Crowd proposes issuing a Bond, through the instrument of a Convertible Loan Note.

The investment strategy will be to diversify investors’ exposure by investing across 4 to 5 underlying investments. The diversification will be divided into two distinct asset classes; renewable energy projects and growing and well-established trading businesses with strong balance sheet equity.

The renewable energy projects provide asset backing for the investment. The trading businesses are selected for their strength to achieve the investor return. Together they provide a complementary investment proposition.

This is an opportunity to lend to Green Crowd Limited, a company that will own a portfolio of operational renewable assets and operational sustainable businesses. This asset-backed Green Bond will offer investors a chance to earn 5% p.a. over a period of up to 5 years.

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Gross interest per annum

5 Year

Investment term

Payment Terms

Option to receive payments annually or cumulatively at end of term


The issuer holds the security over the assets of the investment projects and companies

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Green Crowd will be raising this bond in 2024. Please register your interest below to find out more:

Green Crowd Bond No. 1
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