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We love to help entrepreneurs realise the growth aspirations they have for their business and have funds available. Green Crowd invests in seed to series A companies, with the possibility of follow-on investments.

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*Important notice: this section of the site is for information only and does not constitute an offer or invitation to apply for shares. Any views and opinions expressed are subject to change and should not be construed as investment, taxation, or other advice.

Crowdfunding with Green Crowd


Green Crowd provides a crowdfunding services along with rich sector expertise to assist entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. Sectors in which we have particularly strong experience and investment appetite include:

  • Energy
  • Hotel & Leisure
  • Nursing Homes
  • Manufacture
  • Distribution

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Energy Sector

We’re actively seeking to support resourceful and experienced management teams and developers in a variety of energy sectors, including biomass, energy storage, reserve power, energy from waste and the acquisition of operational solar and wind assets. We typically look for:

  • Energy infrastructure or energy asset opportunities
  • Experienced management teams
  • Proven technology
  • A pipeline of ‘shovel-ready’ projects

Ventures & EIIS Activities

We support early and growth-stage businesses that qualify for EIIS funding. We typically invest in companies requiring seed to series A+ funding and then look to support them through subsequent phases of growth.

Fundamentally, we back entrepreneurs.

For more information, please contact us through our investors platform. 

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Our Investment

Green Crowd invests in seed to series A companies, with the possibility of follow-on investments.

Raise Funding


Minimum €250,000

  • Extremely talented entrepreneurs
  • Massive market opportunity
  • Attractive unit economics
  • Minimal viable product ready
  • Co-investors

Series A

Up to €5 million

  • Extremely talented entrepreneurs
  • Traction
  • Defensible tech or strategy
  • Clear mission and path forward
  • Ready to scale