At Green Crowd, we aim to make a difference in the lives of our investment community by offering ‘Green’ Ethical and Socially Beneficial Investments that contribute to a Green Economy.

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EIIS Current Investment Opportunities

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Green Crowd - Green Bonds

EIIS Current Investments
Invest in our asset-backed bond with 5% gross interest per annum over a 5 year period.

Debt Type: Other
Sector: 5%
Stage: Unsecured

Min. funding Target
€500,000 €5,000,000

Avoncourt Construction

EIIS Current Investments  EIIS Current Investments
Addressing the housing crisis in Ireland by developing sustainable homes across the country.

Sector: Property
Stage: Pre-revenue

Min. funding Target
€500,000 €3,000,000


EIIS Current Investments  EIIS Current Investments
Improve your energy costs with cleaner greener solar panels.

Sector: Environmental / Green
Stage: Established

Min. funding Target
€500,000 €1,000,000

EII Scheme 2020

Investment Summary

Green Crowd provides eligible investors with the opportunity to avail of up to 40% income tax relief and provides the investor access to a portfolio of growing companies.

The primary objectives of Green Crowd is to provide investors with the opportunity to invest in selected qualifying companies and therefore benefit from the tax relief provisions of the EII Scheme and the expected growth in the value of the shares from the date of investment to the date of realisation.

Key Attractions

Access to a choice of companies which will diversify your investment portfolio

Avail of one of the few remaining income tax reliefs with relief available of up to 40% to qualifying investors.

Regular reports for investors and an investor conference held every year to update our existing investors.

There are NO investor charges on your investment and no annual charges. Our investment companies cover any charges associated with the fund raising and the ongoing management costs.

A choice of trading companies which are manufacturing or service led and which promote sustainability and resource efficiency.

We choose companies in the energy, hotel, nursing home, manufacturing or distribution sector

Targeted returns for our EIIS investments are 15% - 20% per annum (including the tax relief at the marginal rate).

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* 40% tax relief subject to terms and conditions. Investment through Green Crowd constitutes a private placing. Please consult your financial advisor for further information.

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