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Does your company qualify for crowdfunding?

At Green Crowd, with our experience of raising funds for companies over the years we are aware that when you are starting a new business, securing adequate funding can be challenging. Many aspiring entrepreneurs never chase their business dreams because they lack the money required or are unable to secure loans from banks to cover start-up costs.

Crowdfunding is an excellent solution to this common financial struggle.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a non-bank financing option in which start-up’s accept small donations from investors to receive a much-needed cash boost to get their ventures off the ground. Entrepreneurs launch crowdfunding campaigns via our online platforms; typically, we will set time frames for raising money and disclose specific monetary goals.

How do I know if my company is suitable?

Asset backed companies are preferred, but not a mandatory requirement. At Green Crowd we are looking for companies that are working in the green spaces of renewables, tech, construction, manufacturing, and development.

Will people invest?

Crowdfunding benefits investors and donors in several ways compared to other routes of investment:

Crowdfunding is low risk. Investors appreciate a low-risk venture, and crowdfunding offers just that. Investors don’t have to worry about economic or stock market factors impacting their investment.

Crowdfunding is easy. It’s easy to invest in a crowdfunding campaign. Investors can put money into a project or company through a straightforward online process that we offer at Green Crowd.

Crowdfunding offers many options. Equity crowdfunding allows investors to fund multiple campaigns, helping them expand their financial opportunities and diversify their portfolios.

How do I put my company forward for crowdfunding with Green Crowd?

Like any approach you might make on behalf of your company to secure funding , have your documents and proposal ready and reach out to us via email on or call our office. Our managers will assess your proposal and give you any guidance for moving forward to the next steps and securing crowdfunding for your business.