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Avoncourt Building & Construction Limited

Avoncourt Building & Construction Limited is a construction company that is focused on delivering social and affordable housing. Both private residential housing and social housing demand are increasing at rapid rates in Ireland. The company plans to position itself as a regional builder on social and affordable homes.

The investments were completed in the form of a subscription for B ordinary shares in the company, with the investment being a qualifying investment under the EIIS Programme.

The company has raised €616,000 of EIIS funding via the Green Crowd Platform and are about to commence the conversion of vacant commercial premises in Wicklow to residential properties.



How do I put my company forward for crowdfunding or investments with Green Crowd?

Like any approach you might make on behalf of your company to secure funding , have your documents and proposal ready and reach out to us via email on or call our office. Our managers will assess your proposal and give you any guidance for moving forward to the next steps and securing crowdfunding for your business.