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Green Tech Distributors Limited

Green Tech Distributors was established in 2020 as a specialist distributor to carry on the business of the importing and distribution of PV solar equipment as an Industry Specialist Distributor.

The Solar PV market is rapidly expanding, with a surge in the number of installers and a limited number of distributors to service them. This presented Green Tech Distributors an excellent opportunity to capture a significant market share and establish itself as a specialised PV Distributor in Ireland.

Green Tech Distributors has raised c.€1.2m via the Green Crowd platform over two consecutive years.



How do I put my company forward for crowdfunding or investments with Green Crowd?

Like any approach you might make on behalf of your company to secure funding , have your documents and proposal ready and reach out to us via email on or call our office. Our managers will assess your proposal and give you any guidance for moving forward to the next steps and securing crowdfunding for your business.