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Bioenergy Installations Limited

Bioenergy Installations raised €528,000 of funds under the EIIS programme in 2021 via the Green Crowd platform to fund the installation, commissioning  and  operations of six biomass heat generating systems.

The biomass systems have been installed at six nursing homes across Ireland and will provide the heat energy produced under fifteen-year supply and maintenance contracts. All contracts will benefit from support under the government funded Support Scheme for Renewable Heat (SSRH) administered by Sustainable Authority of Ireland (SEAI).

The investments were completed in the form of a subscription for B ordinary shares in the company, with the investment being a qualifying investment under the EIIS Programme.

How do I put my company forward for crowdfunding or investments with Green Crowd?

Like any approach you might make on behalf of your company to secure funding , have your documents and proposal ready and reach out to us via email on or call our office. Our managers will assess your proposal and give you any guidance for moving forward to the next steps and securing crowdfunding for your business.